DIY: Super cute hostess gift

Today we have this super easy and adorable DIY hostess gift for you. Every woman likes to receive flowers, but this little cutie has a slight twist. We have gorgeously wrapped a herb plant, instead of the usual flower, in burlap and added a cute tag.

The really cool idea about this is that the hessian actually works as a pretty flowerpot. You attain this by putting the herb pot into a plastic bag before you wrap it up. This way it will still hold water.

NOTE: The size of the burlap will depend on your size of herb plant. You can get an approximate size, by looking at the first ‘how to’ picture. DOWNLOAD TAGS HERE

Save the ‘how to’ picture below, to have a quick and easy wrapping technique handy or maybe pin it to one of your craft and DIY boards.

Have a great weekend.

NOTE: This post was originally featured on my old blog PreciousSister, which is no longer being updated.