Strolling and gathering

I love walking. I can go for a short walk and it’ll take forever because I just have to look at every leaf, flower or detail along the way. And this is what happens; I bring home stuff. Flowers, rocks, beach wood…shells and so on. Somehow I never seem to get enough of natures little wonders.

Last Autumn I found some very beautiful beach wood with an almost polished look. Just two little branches and I have moved them around the apartment several times now, adding them to different decorations. But now they seem to have fulfilled their purpose. So for the last couple of months, they have been stored in the cupboard. I just didn’t have the heart to throw them out. But then the other day I was working on a project and I was looking for two branches just like that. And they were perfect. (I’ll show you the project later this month)

I kind of forgot what my exact point with this story was, but the thing is; I like to gather and make things. And it’s fun….until it becomes clutter. Clutter often has a negative effect on you and I hate when that happens. So for me, I love to incorporate all things around me in my projects, but I have promised myself that I have to use the things I collect.

This also keeps me from having too many projects going on. It’s a tough one, when you have to restrain yourself sometimes:) I always tell myself that I do it for the creativity. Having too many projects often result in projects not being finished and that’s not satisfying for anyone.

Do you also like to collect and gather things and sometimes find it hard to keep the balance between inspiration and clutter?

NOTE: This post was originally featured on my old blog PreciousSister, which is no longer being updated.