Old window framing

Are you starting to feel the Autumn cold yet? Yesterday I went to a market and it had been raining so the ground was all muddy and slippery. It was really one of those typical Scandinavian wet days, but to my surprise it didn’t seem to bother people. No, you just put on your rubber boots, a rain coat and some good spirit and it might just as well had been a sunny day. The place was packed with people and it was a Wednesday. I have actually heard rumors about people taking of work to go to this market. I don’t think I have ever been to such a large market in the middle of the week before, but an antique dealer told me, that markets used to be held on Wednesdays and not so much on weekends as most are now.

Today I want to show you one of my favorite finds and projects this summer. I bought a pair of old window frames a while ago, with the idea of turning them into picture frames. The glass was intact, except for a small broken corner, so I kept them as they were. Just needed to clean them real well.

I made passe-partout from cardboard to fit the pictures. Since they are old frames, they are a bit crooked and I had to adjust each piece of card-board to each window section. I made paper copies of the pictures, to help me measure and fit the images.

This way I didn’t have to involve the originals and get them scratched. I secured the pictures with tape, between the passe-partout and another piece of card-board, to make the images a bit stiffer and more durable. I then taped it on to the backside of the window frame in each section.

NOTE: This post was originally featured on my old blog PreciousSister, which is no longer being updated.